School Program Reservations – New Request

Booking a class trip to the Wyckoff House Museum has just a few steps.

If you are booking just for your own class:

  • Complete and submit the school details form below:
    • Enter your contact information
    • Tell us more about your school
    • Select which program and activity you would like to book
  • Select your preferred program date and time on the next page

If you are booking multiple classes:

  • Complete and submit the school details form below
  • Complete the next form once per class:
    • Add teacher contact information
    • Select preferred program date and time

After completing the school details form (below) and adding each class (next page), we will contact you to finalize the date(s) and time(s) of your booking. Once finalized, you will receive an invoice and confirmation sheet.


School Bookings are CLOSED for the summer!

Please check back in Mid-September to see our NEW Booking System!

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The Wyckoff House Museum will be closed to the public for tours and programming until further notice.

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